St. Lucia Segway Nature Trail

Welcome to my review of the St. Lucia Segway Nature Trail Experience Tour.

Keep reading to learn all about this tour and to find out if it is something you might enjoy doing. And don’t worry if you’ve never been on a Segway before, it is easy for beginners!

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Segway Practice Track

The tour begins in Rodney Bay Village at the tour office.  Just over the road at the practice track, our guides instruct us on how to use a Segway.  Then each of us has a chance to get on our Segway, and we are given one on one help before starting out on the practice track.

I am surprised how easy it is to use a Segway, and the practice track is lots of fun.

Mt Pimard Nature Trail Net To The Sea

Mt. Pimard Nature Trail

Pebble Beach

After we have all got used to the Segways, we head towards the Mt. Pimard Nature Trail, which is located just off Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay.

We stop at Pebble Beach for a chance to take some photographs with Pigeon Island in the background.

Butterfly Alley

Along the way we stop by some old military bunkers built by the United States during World War II.  This is butterfly alley and a chance to see some local birds and butterflies.  The tour guides are very knowledgeable about St. Lucia and answer questions from the guests.

Full Speed Ahead!

Now that everyone is more comfortable riding the Segways, the guides remove the governor which limits our speed and we are able to fly along at top speed. The ride is exhilarating and the surroundings are exquisite. I am really enjoying this tour and it is a great way to spend time in nature and get an adrenaline rush at the same time.

View of mountain from Mt. Pimard

View From Mt. Pimard

Panoramic Views

We keep climbing up Mt. Pimard and are greeted with amazing views of St. Lucia’s West Coast. It is an area of tranquility and great natural beauty with panoramic views.

A Chance To Feed The Fish

We then continue our journey on foot and walk up to a pond where there is a chance to feed the fish. Its a cool spot and a great place to relax.

Fish pond at the top of Mt. Pimard, Rodney Bay

Stone Face Fish Pond


We walk back down the path to where our Segways are parked and the guides have a selection of local fruit for us to sample, including guava, mango, star fruit, bananas and coconut water. There is also time to look around an old military bunker.

Photo Opportunities

One of the guides negotiates a Segway along the hillside to enable the guests to pose on it with a backdrop of the surrounding mountains and seascape.

View of hills and mountains from Morne Pimard

Picturesque Cove

Return To The Beach

The ride back to the beach is thrilling and relaxing. I am very comfortable with the Segway and hitting top speed regularly, spending my time near the front of the group. Some of us are faster than others but we all go along at our own pace. We actually cover quite a distance on the way back, making circuits around parts of the trail.

When we get back to the beach, it is early evening and the sun is just beginning to set. We stop by a local beach bar for anyone who wants to get a drink.

There is also an option to have a sunset dinner on the beach after the tour. Although I did not, I imagine that that this would be a great way to end the day. Reduit Beach is a beautiful place to watch the sunset over dinner and a drink.

Sunset on Reduit Beach with Pigeon Island in the background

Pigeon Island

Great Tour Guides

Two of the people in our group are honeymooners so one of our guides disappears on his Segway and returns with some freshly picked flowers. They draw a heart in the sand for the newlyweds, who then pose for some photos on the beach.

Throughout our tour, the guides have been upbeat, friendly and helpful. They do their best to ensure that everyone is well taken care of and enjoying their time on the tour. They allow plenty of time to take photos, help with arranging the segways for photo opportunities and take photos for the guests.

Licensed Segway Driver

We then return to the practice track for a final few laps before crossing the road back to the office, where we are all issued with our Segway licenses. My only wish now is that I had my own Segway to go with my license!  I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend this tour for adults and children.

The Nature Trail Experience is a great adventure and a way to reconnect with nature and witness some of St. Lucia’s hidden beauty.

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