St Lucia In 7 Videos

The beautiful West Indian island of St. Lucia is brought to you in 7 great videos. We searched far and wide to find a selection which provide a unique insight into the charming Caribbean paradise.

From breathtaking flyovers of the local landscape, to the story of the elderly man who lives traditionally in the area known as $5 Beach and refuses to sell his little piece of paradise, you can feel the spirit of St. Lucia.  Also featured are Gone Home, a mini documentary with Joey Bada$$, an island overview with Kelly Ferro, a whining granny, a local music video and a look at world class island resorts & accommodation.

This first video includes stunning aerial panoramas, showcasing the island’s mountainous greenery, blue seas and golden sand beaches, all in vivid tropical colors. It also highlights some of most popular tours and excursions in St Lucia.



This next video comes with a warning as it does contain some profanity, so is not suited for the under 18’s or the easily offended. Gone Home, features Joey Bada$$, a US rapper and actor of St. Lucian ancestry, visiting the island for the first time. It’s obvious in watching that Joey has a strong and immediate connection to the land of his parents. Visitors to St. Lucia often find that they feel so at home when they arrive here, and many return to their new home regularly. This is one of the qualities that makes St. Lucia a truly special holiday destination and place to live.



Next, travel journalist Kelly Ferro, provides a great overview of Saint Lucia including food & drink, activities, shopping and nightlife. The background music includes steel pan, an instrument invented in the Caribbean.



Meet Claudius Louisien – the man who refuses to sell paradise. The simple lifestyle he leads on his family land, on the North East Coast of St Lucia, is worth more to him than vast riches.



One of my favorites is this short video with an elderly St Lucian lady dancing and whining in the street, a seemingly everyday occurrence, judging by the nonchalant reactions of the passers by.


Take a look inside some of St. Lucia’s high quality resorts, boutique hotels and accommodations.


And last but not least, is the heartwarming anthem “St Lucia We Love”, from local musician Mongstar.



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We hoped you enjoyed these videos. Let us know which one is your favorite.


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